Cows always make me feel at home.Cows Smell Like Home

At least, they smell like home.Cows are so friendly.


Aside from the lovely farmland,Horses

Ferndale is quaint.IMG_1098


There are lots of Victorian buildingsChurch

and even a homey post office.Post Office

(As well as other public services.)Public restrooms


The food is passable,Passable But Slow Breakfast

and comes with “old time camaraderie”, at least according to the Native Sons of the Golden West and its Grand President.Old Time Camaraderie

How far “westernly” you are is apparently very important.

"The farthest westernly bar in the continental United States"
“The farthest westernly bar in the continental United States.”


Ukiah; or, The loss of public spaces.

“Next door to Willits, two towns that sound like diseases you don’t want.”

Where the community mostly preserved its downtown, but lost its post office.

Now for sale.
Ukiah Post Office circa 1937.


I’m not sure what happened to its mural.

The New Deal era mural that once adorned Ukiah’s post office.

But the once-public building sits vacant and for sale, mostly hidden behind a cheap green fence. Replaced by …

Ukiah post office
The victory of economics, courtesy of USPS.

Fort Bragg

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, from a field full of poison oak.Point Cabrillo Light Station

Complete with Fresnel lens.Fresnel Glass


The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.Fairy tale.

A bit like a fairy tale …Fairy tale

that extends to the coast.Coast

And has trees that fight stubbornly against the wind.Windswept Trees

Probably my best meal on the trip was mostly grown here,Botanical garden farm

and consumed here.Rhody's cafe


Caspar Beach, across the street from a cramped little RV park.Caspar Beach

With a father who clearly remembers being able to ride in the back of a pickup. (It’s fun; I remember.)pickup


At the start of the solo portion of my journey, I made a friend.My green friend


(At least, I think we were friends.)My green friend?


He rode with me to the artsy cafe, where I had my last decent coffee,Artsy care

and pondered some ceiling poetry.Ceiling poetry

Wine country; or, The mysterious case of the scentless wine

Laird winery, with pretty scenery.The view from Laird's patio.

And where if you know to avoid the standard drunkard’s Independence Day tasting, you’ll enjoy the wine. Make sure to request the Red Hen Chardonnay and Mast Ranch cab. The latter is especially useful for expensive good cheer. Dad, happier for drinking Mast Ranch.


Martinelli winery is worth a visit if you want delicious, albeit expensive, wine. You should sit in the back room of an old hop barn for a private tasting. Apparently I was distracted, as my camera sat neglected.


DeLoach winery, on the hand, has no personality, in either the wine or the people. One might hazard a guess that the mysteriously scentless wine has cleansed out the last vestiges of spirit from the sommelier. How does one even make wine without any aromatics? Impressively flavorless. The scenery is pretty, but I wouldn’t want to tempt you to go there by providing a picture.


Russian River Vineyards. The owner decided to keep the bat haven above its wine storage.Bats!

People recovering from DeLoach can enjoy wine with flavor,Russian River Vineyard Tasting

and then wander the farm.Farm

(Even the parking has personality.)Parking with Flair.

Airstream aside; or, One-man shops

Every good road trip involves unplanned destinations, I’m told. After arriving at a trailer repair place in Willits that stopped working on trailers 8 years ago, a rather apologetic fellow provided me with an ordered set of two business cards.

As it happens, the ordering was correct, given that Phil of Parshey’s worked me into his schedule the next morning, and would have seen me earlier if his workshop and parking lot weren’t already full of trailers. Phil also told me of a nearby fairgrounds to spend the night in Ukiah. The second shop never bothered to call me back.

Upon reflection, I think perhaps the appearance of the business cards should have clued me in.

Phil at Parshey's is the way to go.
Which has the nicest owner? Which is more likely to work on your black water tank?

Since I’m on the subject of trailer repairs, I’ll also point out that Vinnie’s Northbay Airstream repair in Santa Rosa is excellent (and another one-man shop).



Goodbye Davis.

Graffiti Bridge. Graffiti Bridge


The Arb. Where you can mistake three birds for two.The_Arb

(Here. Try again.)The_Arb

And where someone is always grumpier than you are.donkey


Moller Skycars. Full of futuristic thinking …Moller_Skycars

or maybe circa 1980s futuristic thinking.Moller_Skycars


Lonely Bicycle Parts.lonely_bicycle_parts


The place in Winters that is perfect for an Airstream cafe.Airstream_Cafe

It even already has a piano.Airstream_cafe

And the fact that, well, everything is Ag.IMG_0888


But not so much my RV space. Goodbye, Davis.Home