Stay in Mont-Louis for a few days. The camping is convenient with the Gulf of St. Lawrence on one side and the Appalachians on the other, and the restaurants are good. You can also buy delicious smoked fish at Atkins et Frères.The best food is at Auberge Marré café bistro


Gaspé is a bit dull, but it does boast a museum with public archives, as well as the Jacques Cartier monument, which documents the arrival of the Europeans and their interaction with the locals.Jacques Cartier Monument


Percé is also worth more than one day. This little town has survived more than one storm that devastated the seashore. There are informational signs along the temporary boardwalk discussing the effects of climate change on the coastline. You can see remains of the former boardwalk.Percé

As well as damage to neighboring property.Old barn

It is probably worth the overpriced boat tour to Rocher Percé and Îsle Bonaventure. The latter is where the gannets nest. Just the corner of the island is visible here.Rocher Percé

Parc National du Bic

The Parc National du Bic is a nice place to stop, but all the provincial parks in Quebec are expensive, so be forewarned.Parc National du Bic


The Rioux family farm was established in the early 1900s, and the family lived here until the land was expropriated in the 1970s. The Rioux were apparently allowed to return each summer until 1981, which was the the date of their final expulsion, and probably when the park decided to turn their barn into a welcome center. I’m not sure other residents were extended the same courtesy.Ferme Rioux


Check the tides first, but walk along the beach if you can.

Some trails are only accessible at low tide.Chemin-du-Nord at Cap-à-l'Original

Quebec City

We took the ferry into Quebec.View of Quebec City from ferry

The view and traffic are superior to driving.Beauty and Cement


Welcome to Vinland,Vinland

where you can buy chocolate sausages.Reflecting on chocolate sausages


The streets are colorful,Colorful streets

and lively,Mural and Tourists

and invite exploration.Invitation to Explore


Make sure to visit the citadel;Lovers at La Citadelle

it seems the apples are tasty.Feasting on Apples


And we even found a beer fest in a pool!Beer Fest in a Pool!


Parliament was surrounded by a construction fence that prominently displays a promise—one perhaps applicable in the context of natural disasters, but otherwise impossible to fulfill.More secure and more welcoming


Bellechasse region, Quebec

A pedestrian bridge hidden underneath the highway, overlooking a waterfall formed from an old dam. Old dam

It is now pay only, fenced off as a part of a park.Waterfall

But the trails on either side are still well-demarcated. Perhaps the change was recent; perhaps people climb the fence.Waterfall Dam

Above the old dam is a nice place for skipping stones, if you ignore the signs portending doom and go there.Doom and Skipping Stones

And a good meal after hiking, in a cafe of long necks, rusty farm equipment, and growler lights.Long Necks, Growlers, and Rusty farm equpiment

Saint-Michel, Quebec

Racism and poor taste in Quebec. Incidentally those miniature lion statues are everywhere.Racism in Quebec

And a nice walk along the quay after dinner,Quai de Saint-Michel

to enjoy the sunset, the river, and good company.The St. Lawrence


Airport side trip

Just south of Ottawa, Manotick has an operational grist mill with tour guides in period costume. They sometimes even host a scotch night.IMG_2215

You are free to explore the entire mill. Even entry and tours are by donation.Main floor

But the equipment only runs every second Sunday of the non-winter months.In the mill

Outside the mill

The Dickinson house next door also boasts exhibits with tour guides in period costume.Dickinson house exhibit

For women, Dr. Warner’s Health Corset — an all-in-one believable corset with skirt supporter and self-adjusting pads, approved by physicians, would keep women safe from men who used Dr. Gray’s Specific Medicine.